def SOL creates the hottest and most original Personalized Group or Individual Choreography! 

  • Do you need some help with urban dance elements in your students or groups performance numbers?
  • Looking for a fresh Hip Hop/Street dance routine for competition?
  • Want to rock your wedding reception with a surprise ‘first dance’?
  • Need to bring some high energy or ‘swag’ to your new music video/commercial?
  • Or perhaps you need some steps to add to a song you are performing on stage?

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Artistic Director, Amanda ‘M-Rae’ Murray, has been recognized for ‘most outstanding choreography’ across Western Canada earning top standings as a performer and choreographer at international Hip Hop competitions including Artists Emerge (Edmonton) and In the Zone (Winnipeg). To remain ‘legit’ and increase her versatility, Amanda actively pursues street and studio training across North America in numerous styles of Hip Hop and cultural dance forms.



With the growth of Hip Hop/Urban dance in the competitive dance scene, the need for ‘legit’ (qualified) hip hop adjudicators is required to give your competitors the scoring and correct assessment of their techniques. With over 14 years of experience as an instructor, performer and choreographer, Amanda ‘M-Rae’ Murray has been a leading force in the rise and growth of Saskatchewan’s Hip Hop and urban dance scene. 

With an eye on the future, she aims to ensure the standards for Hip Hop dance remain high and that quality training opportunities are available to the next generation of dancers! Give us a holla, we would love to come out to your competition.  Rates based on travel time, accommodations and adjudications required. Contact Us for Availability!

Note: we do no assesses any other dance styles (tap, jazz, ballet), however we would be happy to give an overall performance score.