Style Intensives

For those interested in digging deeper into one street style, check out one of our 6-8 week class intensive. Learn the techniques, moves, terminology, music and history of the dance in addition to learning some fun choreography to practice your new skills. The classes are open to all levels and beginners are highly encouraged to come out for fun challenge. Since the courses are geared toward progressive learning, commitment to the full course is recommended for the most successful experience however drops ins will be welcome the first day pending availability. Register early to guarantee your spot!

Waacking with ‘Chalice’ (6 weeks)

Thursdays 5:15-6:15PM (Jan 11-Feb 15)
for Ages 14yrs & Up- Open Level

Waacking is a dance style that emerged from the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles in the 1970s. Historically, it was danced to disco but today it can be done to many genres of music. Waacking is stylistically influenced by the highly animated characters of Hollywood silent films and musicals as well as cartoons and martial art films.

Dancehall with ‘mRaeGrooves’ (6 weeks)

Thursdays 6:15-7:15PM (Jan 11-Feb 15)
for Ages 14yrs & Up- Open Level

Originating in Jamaica, the style of dancehall is all about attitude and energy – many of the moves are created mainly spontaneously during street parties. While there will definitely be some wining and shaking, Dancehall is much more- some sources have documented over 800 dancehall steps with more being created around the world each day.

Cost: $94.50 per 6 week intensive
Take both Dancehall & Waacking intensives for $157.50 (please inquire)!

*Late registration is welcome until January 25th- package will be pro-rated based on start date.